About dishes

Il Locale enhanced menu features a number of innovative new dishes including healthy options, and the team will remain focused on delivering exquisite Italian cuisine made from the freshest produce and the finest imported ingredients to ensure absolute authenticity.

It worth to mention the Tuscany Chianina Beaf we use, well known for Bistecca alla Fiorentina .

The Setaro Brothers Torre Annunziata Napoli pasta , that kept the great tradition of the Torre Annunziata white art: the pasta factory Setaro, which has managed to survive thanks to a family run system and a select clientele of “connoisseurs “. Setaro pasta factory still produces the Pasta with handicraft systems, respecting nature and tradition. There are many components that make the taste and quality of the pasta produced unique: the selected durum wheat semolina, pure water, ancient bronze dies, the very slow process of pasta drying (from 24 to 120 hours depending on the shape) and at low temperature, the “special” climate in Torre Annunziata and not last the knowledge of the white art passed down for three generations; it has been since 1939 in fact that Setaro family devotes his life to this activity.